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How can you grow?

4 Nov 2022

“If you always do what you always did, then you always get what you always got” - Henry Ford

I find myself at the age of 50 with no formal qualifications. I learned how to do my job on the job. Throughout my career - and despite everyone telling me it’s not important - I’ve sought an internal validation so I can feel that I’m good enough to sit at the table.

I first came across imposter syndrome a few years ago and recognised:
· What the traits of imposters syndrome are
· That parts of it are healthy

You should regularly top up your confidence tank and always ask yourself how you can grow so you can thrive in business.

Lots of people gain confidence in different ways: personal learning, peer support or a professional course. I have challenged myself with an MSC in Strategic Leadership with the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University.

This feels like a big test for me! I’ve never been particularly scholarly but I’m doing the course for 2 reasons:
1. For me, to prove to myself I can do it
2. To help Imago Venues and the people within the business

My first week on the course is complete and I’ve met some great people from a multitude of backgrounds and industries. It just so happens that the challenges we face are all very similar. It was brilliant to hear different perspectives on how to tackle these challenges.

This is far from an instruction for everyone to get a degree; this is a comment to encourage you to choose how to build your confidence, so you can contribute to the best of your ability in the workplace.

My last lunchbox was an Incredible Hulk one… 45 years on I still have the same stationery, just slightly updated.

Thank you to the operations team and marketing team for my lunchbox and stationery.

Here’s to always learning; always growing!

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