Virtual vs Face-to-Face meetings: A SHOOTOUT

We've all been forced to embrace technology to keep the wheels of business turning during the pandemic. Without doubt, video conferencing technology has been vital for businesses forced into remote working, and there are obviously many good points to shout about...


Our infographic is intended to be an honest look and the pros and cons of both mediums and to help your business decide whether you're ready to return to in-person conferencing, or whether to fully embrace the virtual world.

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There is no doubt that virtual technology has been a godsend in keeping business operating during a global pandemic. They will clearly form a much larger part of day-to-day business operations but they will never fully replace the need for people to come together face-to-face.

Face-to-face definitely has more benefit to certain types of activity such as:

  • Meeting new clients/buyers
  • Strategy meetings covering a longer time period (financial year/quarter)
  • Planning new initiatives
  • Team building activities

For smaller, day-to-day meetings, virtual will definitely play an increasingly significant role in the future but you should consider which of your activities would benefit more from face-to-face interaction.


For more information on our #MeetingMatters campaign, visit our dedicated page where you can also download our research paper on the Future of Face To Face Communication.

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