6 ways your dinner choices can reduce your carbon footprint

With climate change becoming increasingly important on the political agenda, we all need to think seriously about how we can reduce our impact on the environment.

First things first, nobody is saying that we can't continue to enjoy great food, but maybe we can all be a little more informed about how our menu choices affect the environment and look for dishes that are responsibly sourced. Maybe it can prompt event organisers to think more about their menus and whether their chosen venue is committed to sustainability, giving their delegates the confidence to enjoy their food in good conscience.


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  • 6 top tips to help you reduce your foodprint
  • The impact of food-related emission on the environment
  • Which foods are more sustainable
  • What ingredients to look out for on your hotel menu
  • Reasons to be hopeful for the future

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How do your current food choices affect the environment?

Try out this fab food calculator courtesy off the BBC

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